Iskra Sound Models

Dan Mulqueen Iskra Handpan

A sound model is the selection and arrangement of musical notes for a particular handpan.  Over the years, unique names have been given to them to help identify the personality and feel of a handpan.

Choosing a sound model is based on personal preference.  It is always encouraged to listen to all of them and find what sounds the most pleasing for an individual.

Some people may prefer sound models with a happy emotion, while others may prefer something darker and more mysterious.

It should be said that the D Minor / Kurd is the most common sound model amongst handpans.  Many popular handpan videos and songs utilize this sound model.

You are encouraged to explore many of our offered sound models below.  They are organized by the evoked emotions of the sound models; Happy, Neutral, and Exotic.  Expand and collapse the menus within each category.