Iskra Handpan Sound Models

The Iskra handpan is hands down the best handpan available today.  Based upon decades of metallurgical research, it is the most refined handpan in existence.

About Our Offered Handpan Sound Models

Handpans are traditionally modal instruments, meaning they do not have every note in the western musical scale on them.  This makes the instrument easy to play, even for those without any musical training!  Different modes will evoke different moods and feelings.  Each handpan can be defined as a certain sound model.

Below, you will find all offered sound models with videos to listen to each one.  The western musical notes in each particular sound model are listed next to the sound model names.  Don’t worry about knowing those notes though, they are there for those with a bit of musical experience who may be looking for that information!

Dan Mulqueen, professional percussionist

We have sorted the sound models into the moods of happy, neutral, and exotic.  Some sound models may fit into two moods, but these categories will give a general idea.

The musical notes can be seen listed next to each sound model name for those who are interested in that information.

Click on the sound model names to expand and view video examples!

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Happy / Major

Jibuk: (F#) B C# Eb E F# G# A B

The Jibuk is tuned to a mixolydian mode which sounds happy and uplifting.

Melog-Selisir: (G#) C C# Eb G G# C C# Eb

The Melog-Selisir sound model is one of the most happy and uplifting sound models available.

Minor / neutral

Triple F: (F) C Eb F G Ab C Db F

The Triple F is very similar to the Pygmy, with only one different note, so it is still generally considered to be a neutral sound model that doesn’t sound very dark, or very happy, but very in the middle of the road emotionally speaking.

Pygmy: (F) C Eb F G Ab C Eb F

The Pygmy is another popular sound model, and is generally considered to be a neutral sound model that doesn’t sound very dark, or very happy.

D Minor (Kurd / Integral): (D) A Bb C D E F G A

The D Minor sound model, also referred to as a ‘Kurd’ or ‘Integral’, is one of the most common and popular sound models offered on handpans around the world. If you plan on bringing your handpan to the various gatherings around the world to jam with others, you can’t go wrong with this sound model.

F Integral: (F) C C# Eb F G G# C C#

The F Integral sound model is a very neutral sound model, similar to the D Minor sound model, but in the key of F minor.

Spicy / exotic

Khartoum: (G) C Db E F G Ab C Db

The Khartoum is a darker feeling sound model, resembling middle eastern music based in the harmonic minor modes of music.

Ida: (F) C Db E F G Ab C Db

The Ida is very similar to the Khartoum, maintaining a dark, spicy and middle eastern feeling.  The only note that differs from the Khartoum is the central note, which is an F in the case of the Ida, as opposed to the Khartoum which has a G in the center.

Harmonic Minor: (G) B C D Eb F G Ab C

The Harmonic Minor is also a classic middle-eastern type of tuning, 

Goonkali: (F) C C# F G G# C C# F

The Goonkali is also similar to a middle eastern tuning, maintaining a darker mood, but with a slightly higher range than the Khartoum or Ida, with it’s highest note being an F5.