The iskra handpan

Imagine a Musical Instrument That You Can Just

Pick Up and Play

Music is an outlet, and the Iskra handpan makes that outlet accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you have a musical background or not.

Music is also truly unique and special.  It can express happiness, sadness, tranquility, anger, and so much more without uttering a single word.  It is a language that everyone can understand.

The Iskra handpan brings this amazing gift of music into the hands of anyone.  All it takes is a simple tap of the notes to produce a beautiful, harmonious sound.

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The Original Sound… Refined.

The Iskra’s successful ‘back to the basics’ design is proven by the original sound sculptures conceived in Bern, Switzerland nearly 20 years ago.

In the vast world of handpans, the Iskra offers simplicity coupled with sonic excellence.  Handpan masters and novices alike can create beautiful music at the tips of their fingers with the Iskra Handpan. 

Each Iskra handpan is hand crafted and tuned by Sean Beever, a master steel tuner with more than 15 years of experience.

With over 500 handpans sold since 2013, Symphonic Steel is a top producer of quality handpan instruments. 

The Iskra handpan has recently been performed on by the talented Dan Mulqueen in the last live performance of Shpongle at the Red Rocks Theater in Colorado!

Sean Beever

Sean Beever
Owner, Master Tuner

Sean has been tuning steel since the age of 12.  Read more!

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