Symphonic Steel is a quality producer of handpan instruments since 2013.

Our instruments have changed appearance over the years as the strive for sonic excellence continues.

The most recent result of this evolution is the Iskra; a sound sculpture whose purpose is to return to the original sound of the first sound sculptures from Bern, Switzerland.

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Domenic was completely out of this world when it arrived. I only wish  you could have saw the expression on his face and how many days it lasted.  His percussion teacher as I told you is awesome and started teaching him the theory and techniques.

The unique sound of them is amazing and everyone he plays it for is stunned by the sound of it and cannot believe it is a hand drum.

Ray F.

I am delighted with my new Iskra, which I fondly call Sparky, because this instrument has ignited my playing in new and delicious ways. I finally found my groove. And the distinctive timbre is super yummy. Thank you, Sean, for creating this wonderful sound sculpture!

Susan C.