Looking for lessons and information on playing the handpan?  If so, there are MANY great resources available from a great number of talented handpan musicians and percussionists.  Here are just a few must-know players and instructors in the handpan world.

Sylvain Paslier

Sylvain has been around the handpan world for a very long time! In fact, Sylvain and his cousin, David Charrier, were in one of the first videos to go viral on the internet back in 2008 when they had a nearly 10 minute jam on the Hang from PANArt. Sylvain is a fantastic musician with a mission to spread the magic of the handpan across the world. He attends many handpan gatherings, giving workshops and performances for everyone to enjoy. Sylvain has recorded 5 albums and regularly posts blog articles, vlogs and recordings on his website.

David Charrier

David, as mentioned, is Sylvain’s cousin.  David has been actively involved in the handpan community for a long time as well, and like his cousin Sylvain, is a fantastic player and teacher.  David has made some amazing covers of popular songs utilizing the handpan, something that only a handful of others have even attempted.

David is also known for the great handpan online school MasterTheHandpan where he is teaching over 1500 students with his unique method known to be fun and very efficient  His lessons also have a free trial option as well, so check ’em out!

Jeremy Arndt

Jeremy is another veteran in the handpan community, and has performed at venues all over the world.  Jeremy is especially known for his wonderful performances at the many venues he travels to.  Jeremy integrates the handpan with many other instruments as well, including the didgeridoo, guitar, and many others.

If you’re looking to listen to some great music involving the handpan and other world instruments, check out his website and his albums!