Iskra ‘Motif’ Triple F

I discovered this amazing musical instrument completely by chance this past summer and I’ve been fascinated by its unique appearance and sound ever since. The more I research, the more I become overwhelmed by the amount of scales the handpan has to offer as someone with no musical background. I’m so glad that Sean’s workshop isn’t too far away from where I live and Sean was generous to offer his time to give my wife and me a tour of his workshop. It was fascinating to see the process involved to create a handpan in person. Long story short, I ended purchasing one of his Iskra Motif models during the visit. I’m so glad that I did as I’m getting so much joy out of playing it. It sounds so beautiful and it keeps sounding more and more amazing as I become better at striking the tone fields. I’m definitely seeing myself having one of Sean’s flagship models when I become a better handpan player.

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