Handpan Journey

Last year I ordered a D minor handpan just as Sean was moving to Colorado so I knew I had a wait on my hands. The wait was well worth it! I was so excited when that very large well packed box arrived in Canada. I started playing immediately and so did my 8 year old. Then very quickly disaster struck when an unsecured shelf fell off the wall and dinged my ding 😂 😩 throwing the whole thing out of tune. I was beyond disappointed. Sean reassured me he could probably retune it. So I packed it all back up (save the box and packing – you never know) and sent it back down to the USA. It came back very quickly and sounds great again.
I am now awaiting my F Pygmy. I am so hooked on the sound of these instruments and I think
I’m the only person in my town that has one.
Big shout out to Sean and team.

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