What Our Customers Have To Say

We take great pride in each instrument we craft, and feel that the Iskra handpan is among the finest in the world.  But don’t take it from us; we invite you to read what our customers have to say about the Iskra handpan.

Journey to getting my handpan

So, I did it. I finally decided to buy a handpan. I decided to take the plunge and buy a rather expensive instrument that I had never played before. As a matter of fact I had never seen one in person, only online. I ordered my instrument and it was on its way to my house. Unfortunately the day it was to arrive. I had to unexpectedly go into work. But I wasn’t worried. The package needed to be signed for. I would just pick it up later from FedEx. But that’s not what happened. The driver signed for my package. Left it at my place and it was stolen. This is where Sean and Symphonic Steel went above and beyond. They had the package insured. When I told them my handpan had been stolen. One of the first things they said was that they would start work on a new one immediately. After spending that kind of money it was really nice to know that Sean and Symphonic Steel had my back. They took care of me as a customer. That speaks a lot to their character as a company. I now have my new instrument. Playing the handpan is like playing a work of art. Because it is. I highly recommended buying from Symphonic Steel! Stand up guys, stand up company. Thanks for everything!


Handpan Joy

These guys are awesome. My goal since a trip to Paris was to eventually get my own Handpan. As we walked through Paris we enjoyed hearing and watching a young man play and I was hooked!!! I kept these guys on my radar through email and eventually the opportunity presented itself. I ordered my very own Hand pan an I am so impressed with the quality of the instrument and how it was shipped. Can’t say enough!! Thankful

Julie Erickson

One of the Finest

The instrument arrived yesterday and is positively magnificent. A work of incredible virtuosity. Clear, resonant, immaculately balanced and possessed of beautiful character. Though I’ve played for a long time on many quality instruments, this is undoubtedly one of the finest I’ve laid hands on. Rarely does one find this combination of precision and soul. Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous job.


Amazing Instrument

I love my new ‘ISKRA’- the F Integral I got from Symphonic Steel is an amazing instrument. The notes are full, warm, and sound beautiful. It is a pleasure to play and you can hear, feel and see the hard work and detail Sean puts into making these awesome handpans.

Kuba B

Wonderful handpans

Having listened to numerous handpans in determining which one to buy, I can safely say that the ISKRA by Symphonic Steel ranks in the top rung. Sean Beever not only knows how to build handpans, but he also did it in an open and timely manner — under two months from when I placed my order. I happened to live about 1.5 hours from his shop, so I drove down, received a tour of how he makes his handpans, and then picked mine up — D Minor. I couldn’t be happier. It sounded just as good as the one on his website, which is important considering that handpans are custom made one at a time.

The bottom line is that you can trust Sean to build you a quality handpan, which is what the industry is all about these days. The number of makers is mushrooming, but handpans remain very tricky to make. It’s easy to spend lots of money for a mediocre pan. Symphonic Steel is amongst the top tier of pan makers. As I said, I couldn’t be happier …

Steve Caswell

The sound is clear, crystal clear

I’ve been playing handpans since 4 years ago. Like a lot of people, I was constantly looking for the same sound I heard when I saw a sound sculpture from Switzerland for the first time.

I have tried a lot of different instruments and this one IS what I have had in mind since a long time ago…
You have succeeded in creating a wonderful and very unique instrument not like all the other makers. The sound is clear, crystal clear. The touch is strong and very reactive. The size is perfect and the instrument is wonderful with very beautiful details and manufacture.
I’m glad and honored to have such a good instrument.
Good job Sean!
Warm regards from France.


Pierre P.

Distinctive Timbre

I am delighted with my new Iskra, which I fondly call Sparky, because this instrument has ignited my playing in new and delicious ways. I finally found my groove. And the distinctive timbre is super yummy. Thank you, Sean, for creating this wonderful sound sculpture!

Susan C.

Unique Sound

Domenic was completely out of this world when it arrived. I only wish  you could have saw the expression on his face and how many days it lasted.  His percussion teacher as I told you is awesome and started teaching him the theory and techniques.

The unique sound of them is amazing and everyone he plays it for is stunned by the sound of it and cannot believe it is a hand drum.

Ray F.