A Look Inside the Symphonic Steel Workshop with Sylvain Paslier!

Many people wonder why handpans are so incredibly expensive. While I plan to attack this topic with great fervor in the near future, I think the following video will help bring a little light to it for now.

A while back I had the great pleasure of showing Sylvain Paslier of sylvainpasliermusic.com around the Symphonic Steel workshop. Sylvain was able to make a mini-documentary of the many steps involved in building an Iskra handpan, and we even got the opportunity to sit down for a bit and chat! We discussed how I got into tuning steel at such a young age, who influenced me, and also spoke about my hobbies outside of hitting steel with hammers.

Sylvain did a fantastic job on this video. It gives great insight to the arduous process of manufacturing these unique musical instruments. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Thank you, Sylvain!

Don’t forget to check out Sylvain’s Handpan blog as well!

Check it out below!

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