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So you want to buy a handpan…. Fantastic!

You’ve probably been exhaustively searching the internet to find the best handpan for you.  You’ve also likely noticed that handpans are quite expensive, and for good reason; they are deceptively complex to build and the skill of tuning steel takes decades to master.  Like any artisan craft, nothing can beat the time and experience of a master.

We’d like to go over a few things you should consider when making your handpan purchase so you can avoid any disappointment or confusion!

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Choosing a Series

Motif or Flagship?

We offer two different series of the Iskra handpan for different budgets and desires.

In short, the Motif is our best value and perfect for beginners or those on a tighter budget. Right now, the Motif series is only offered as they become available and cannot be pre-ordered.

The Flagship is our primary line, and will have the tightest quality standards.  Quality and consistency is what we aim for, making the flagship perfect for players who want solid performance for a respectable price when compared to competitors.  The flagship is great for musicians intent on performing live or in recordings.  You can pre-order the Flagship series, and the handpan will be built to order.  Please allow anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for a pre-order, depending on the workshops backlog.  Sometimes a Flagship will be offered for immediate sale on our webstore, so keep an eye out!

You can read more about each series here!


Choosing a Sound Model

Happy, Neutral, or Exotic?

All handpans have an arrangement of notes, commonly known as a ‘sound model’.

There are countless sound models in the handpan world today.  Whether you’re buying your first handpan or your tenth, choosing a sound model is perhaps the most difficult task when browsing handpans for sale.

While there are many sound models in existence, we have found that they can generally be broken down into 3 categories; Happy, Neutral, and Exotic.

Choosing a particular sound model is an extremely personal decision, and we recommend you watch every video example that we have for each sound model to see what you like!  

That said, a neutral sound model is generally recommended if you feel completely unable to decide.  A Celtic 8 (also sometimes known as a Pygmy) is usually a go-to sound model for most beginning handpan enthusiasts.  D Minor is also extremely popular, more so than a Celtic 8, but it will come at a slightly higher price tag.

Learn more about our offered sound models here, and even view a video of each one!

All in all, take your time on this step!  Find the sound model that speaks to you.


Choosing a Finish

Matte or Polished?

The Iskra handpan is offered in two finishes for our Flagship series.  The Motif Series, on the other hand, is currently only offered as a matte finish by default.  A polished finish can be added on the Motif series for an additional fee.

A matte finish has an earthy, raw look too it.  There may be fingerprints, color variations, and/or spots.  These are all visual, and make each one appear very unique.  The matte surface itself has a similar feel to something ceramic, like a smooth clay pot.  This is the same finish as the Hang that was offered from PANArt.

A polished finish simply removes the matte finish.  It will appear as a strong metallic silver.  The feel will also be more metallic as opposed to the ceramic feel of the matte finish.  The polished finish will have slightly more sustain and volume, though this is generally only discernible to trained ears.



Choosing a Case

Case or No Case?

Our instruments do not include a case by default, but you are welcome to add one to your order.

If you choose to go without a case, we have a very secure method of packing your handpan to prevent damage during its journey to your door.  By utilizing specialized A-B expanding foam for a custom fit, the handpan is safely nestled and secured within a double-walled and sturdy cardboard box.

We offer (as supplies permit) Eva-Tek cases made by Hardcase Technologies, and also Namana Handpan bags.  Both are fantastic options, and we encourage you to visit each of their websites to help you decide on which one you would like.

If you purchase a case with your handpan, your handpan will ship within the case itself.

Shipping or Pickup?


The vast majority of our handpans are shipped around the world.  We offer shipping to anywhere we can, but some countries are much more expensive due to their laws and size restrictions implemented by their postal systems.

Within the contiguous United States, we utilize FedEx ground.  Customers in Los Angeles can expect to pay around $60 or $70, whereas customers on the East coast will pay a little over $115.

Hawaii and Alaska shipments will utilize USPS and will be around $120.

International shipments will use USPS and the receiving country’s postal system.  In the case that the destination country’s postal system will not handle the size of the shipment, the only option is Global Express guaranteed, which is generally at least $450 and up to $850. 

You can calculate an exact shipping price by adding a handpan to your cart, viewing your cart, and then using the shipping calculator on that page.

In-Person Pickup

If you’d like to pick your handpan up in person, you are more than welcome to!  We love getting to meet our customers in person.  You can easily setup an appointment with us for your pickup by emailing us at [email protected].

Our workshop is located in Aurora, Colorado. Click here for more information on visiting our shop.