Buying a handpan has changed drastically over just the last year or so.  Until recently, people in search of any handpan, good or bad, had to do some serious searching.  When most people are introduced to the unique sound of the handpan, they will stop at nothing to find out how to get one of their own.

Scammers were, and still are, rampant on various large ecommerce websites, such as eBay and Amazon.  A gold rush of sorts occured, as the handpan seems easy to make.  To craft a quality handpan, years upon years of experience is needed.  That, however, did not stop many people from starting their own ‘handpan business’.  Many of these people chose to sell poor quality instruments, preying on people who simply did not know better.  

100Times are finally changing, and quality handpans are becoming more widely available.  Poor quality instruments are still out there though, and it is wise for any potential buyer to do their research.

Here at Symphonic Steel, we pride ourselves in refining a manufacturing process that puts quality at the forefront of what we do.  The next step was keeping that quality while at the same time increasing output.  Even well-regarded handpan makers today still have large wait times due to only making their handpans to order.  That’s perfectly fine, but we realized that many people want a handpan NOW.  This desire for a handpan without a wait time is what has allowed the poor quality handpans to flood the market.  

Through our efforts at Symphonic Steel, the Iskra handpan can now replace those poorly crafted handpans.  A huge wait time for a handpan does not exist for Symphonic Steel, and we plan to keep it that way.

Buy With Confidence

We have produced and sold over 350 handpans to date, and have shipped to countless countries all across the planet.  Symphonic Steel is known within the handpan world as one of the most reputable handpan manufacturers.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, we are always happy to find a solution for you!