Wait Time

Completion time is approximately 3 weeks at this time (October, 2018).  When you are ready to place your order, simply add the Iskra handpan product to your cart, and follow the instructions for checkout. 

Once your new Iskra handpan is completed and ready to ship, you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance.


How to Order

Ordering an Iskra handpan is easy!  A $100 non-refundable deposit, in addition to a calculated shipping fee, is required to place an order.

Don’t forget to listen to the sound models offered as you will be required to choose a sound model at the time of ordering.


We are happy to ship worldwide, though some countries may be more expensive to ship to than others due to package size limitations imposed by the destination country.  You may calculate the shipping fees to your country after adding the Iskra handpan order to your cart.

International shipping transit times cannot be guaranteed, as customs clearance can take several weeks in some instances. 




What’s Included

Each Iskra handpan also comes with a very protective “Eva-Tek” case made by Hardcase Technologies, an Italian based company which specializes in protective products specifically designed for handpans.  A handpan care kit is also included with your purchase, which consists of a light oil for protecting the handpan in humid environments along with a microfiber cloth for cleaning your handpan.


Choose Your Steel

The Iskra is now offered in both nitrided and stainless steel options for the top shell.  Nitrided steel is the traditional material for the Iskra, and yields a robust yet unique feel under the hands.  Stainless Steel, on the other hand, will provided more sustain (longer ‘ring’ of the notes), but it will feel slightly weaker and less ‘springy’ to the player.  When ordering an Iskra, the choice is yours!  Some sounds models, however, are only offered on nitrided steel.


Buy With Confidence

We have produced and sold over 350 handpans to date, and have shipped to countless countries all across the planet.  Symphonic Steel is known within the handpan world as one of the most reputable handpan manufacturers.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, we are always happy to find a solution for you!


The instrument arrived yesterday and is positively magnificent. A work of incredible virtuosity. Clear, resonant, immaculately balanced and possessed of beautiful character. Though I’ve played for a long time on many quality instruments, this is undoubtedly one of the finest I’ve laid hands on. Rarely does one find this combination of precision and soul. Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous job.


I love my new ‘ISKRA’- the F Integral I got from Symphonic Steel is an amazing instrument. The notes are full, warm, and sound beautiful. It is a pleasure to play and you can hear, feel and see the hard work and detail Sean puts into making these awesome handpans.

Kuba B.