The Omicron

The Omicron is one of two Symphonic Steel handpan “models” offered.

In the past, all Symphonic Steel instruments were built on blank shells created by Pantheon Steel, with their patented rolling process.  Nearly 200 instrument over the past few years were built on this “canvas”.  However, times have since changed, and the rolling process is now a part of history (for now, at least!)  I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Pantheon Steel for giving such a great opportunity.

Now, a popular method known as “Hydro-forming” has become the dominant method of creating a blank shell for building handpans.  This process, while not new in the world of general metal fabrication, was adapted to handpan manufacturing by Colin Foulke of CFoulke instruments.  Handpan shells can now be made without backbreaking work or a significant financial investment if one were to use a deep drawing press.  A revolutionary advancement, indeed.

Symphonic Steel now utilizes this hydro-forming process to make the blank handpan canvas.  The next steps in the building process have been adapted from the first generation of Symphonic Steel instruments, creating a new blend, and a new sound.  This is the Omicron.

The Omicron is still undergoing final changes in regards to available sound models.  Some sound models that were previously available on the rolled shell generation of instruments will no longer be available.  In the coming months, a new and updated list of sound models will be finalized.

Have a listen for yourself!