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Symphonic Steel Handpans

Hello and welcome!

Symphonic Steel is a producer of a new-age pitched percussion instrument, commonly known as a “handpan”.

Symphonic Steel has been producing these hand-played instruments since 2013.  Up until recently, all Symphonic Steel instruments were built on the famous “rolled” shells, produced by Pantheon Steel in Farmington, Missouri.  Times have since changed, and Symphonic Steel is headed in a slightly different direction.  The result is the “Iskra”, a sound sculpture that revisits the original methods and techniques devised by the original crafters of this genre of instruments, who are located in Bern, Switzerland.

A new building list for the Iskra has just been opened up.  Please click here for more information on the Iskra, and how it is set apart from the other handpans available.

To join the building list, please click here.